How to Resolve Dell Laptop “Slow Speed Issues”?

Dell Laptops sometimes shows some technical problems and errors, one of the most common problems with laptop is slow speed. Slow speed issue with the laptops is more frequent problem that appears due to variety of reasons. Incomplete installation of the software, incorrect configuration settings, improper installation of driver, conflict between application and software etc. are the reasons behind the occurrence of slow speed of laptop.
There is more than one method to resolve the problem which can be applied easily. One of the methods to troubleshoot the issue of Dell laptop is mentioned below with steps by step instructions-
·         First you need to delete temporary files and directories from your laptop
·         Then you need to click “Start”, and then type “Disk” in the search bar. On the above menu, disk cleanup should be appearing above the search box
·         After this run “disk cleanup” and eliminate unneeded temporary files
·         Then simply select files you want to delete then click “OK” to start the cleanup process
·         Uninstall the applications you are not going to use longer
·         Further open the “Programs and Features” application in Control Panel
·         Highlight any of the application you no longer use and then click the uninstall button at the top of the list
·         Follow the onscreen prompts to uninstall
·         Repeat the step for each application you want to uninstall
·         Then you need to move large files and/or seldom used files to backup media
In case you are not able to perform such method or still facing the same problem of slow speed with the Dell laptop, then you better contact at Dell Laptop CustomerService by dialing (1-888-296-9079) toll-free helpline number, where you would get assisted by the technical executives and professionals who have capability in resolving all complicated errors and issues related to Dell laptops.


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