Best Way to Fixed Paper Jam Issue in Dell Printer

Dell offers a range of wireless, inkjet and laser printers. Any of these printers could experience the issues of paper jam, which can be quite frustrating at times. One of the most effective ways to curb paper jams is to ensure that the paper is stocked in a dry as well as cool place. You can get in touch with the Dell printer customer support team to get instant help! In order to resolve the issue, you can follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Switch Off Printer
Switch off the printer and unplug the device from the electricity source.
2. Open and Check the Paper Path
Open the cover and take out all the paper by removing the print head in a slanting position. The paper path is then checked for a paper jam or even for a paper miss-feed. Subsequently, you can take reference from the paper path diagrams in the inside cover for crucial areas. Consecutively, refer to the printer manuals by downloading as well as viewing them.
3. Get Rid of Jammed Papers
Grab the jammed paper and pull them out gently. The crumpled and jammed papers are removed carefully. For various narrow areas, use tweezers.
4. Improper angling of the paper
If the angle of the paper stock is wrong then, feeding of the paper would also be wrong. Thus, the solution would be to take out the entire stock of the paper and then re-insert it into the printer while you refer to the guide properly.
5. Shut the printer cover
The cover of the printer is closed and then it is re-plugged to the A/C outlet.
You can yourself resolve the paper jam issue in Dell printers or even call on 1-888-296-9079 for assistance from the experts. Dell printer customer support is easily available for the customers anytime they want.
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