Get Quick Help for Dell Scanner by Dialing a Technical Support Number:

Dell is the famous manufacturer of electronic peripherals, which includes computers, laptops, printers and scanners as well. The brand is famous for its performances and other secured activities all over the world. Though the scanner machines engaged with high-tech facilities and technologies, but still they display some technical errors due to faulty features or incorrect settings. In order to know more about the problems and have brief descriptions on scanner, you can simply dial Dell Scanner Support Phone Number, where your call will be attended by the experts.

Moreover, the most reported error “016-764 SMTP Scan Error” needs a quick fixation. The error appears due to several reasons like cycle power problem with the device or printer is not properly connected. You can resolve such problem at your own by the following methods described below-
       Cycle power on the Printer
·         Verify That the Network Port Is Set to Wired in the Embedded Web Server (EWS)
·         Scan and Send a File Over the Network
·         Register a User in the Embedded Web Server
·         Scan and Send a File Over the Network

The above described methods are the easy and simple solution that can help you to resolve the Dell scanner problem. In case the same problem still persists, you better contact at scanner support phone number for Dell offered by Dell in order to provide technical support to the customers. Also there is (1-888-296-9079) toll-free number available for the users so that they can get instant help by the technical executives and experienced engineers. The number is accessible all the time so that the service providers can provide quick help related to scanner on a call.


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